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Stirchley & District Cup

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Semi-Final* 18/04/2018
Quarter-Final* 07/03/2018
Round 3* 24/01/2018
4.01Birmingham Deaf (100) vBournbrook Soc B (100)
4.02Longbridge Soc A (0) vKings Norton XS A (0)
4.03Hawthorns Soc (50) vBournville Soc Ctr B (100)
4.04Weoley Castle WMC B (0) vLadywood Soc (75)
4.05Kings Heath Corks A (0) vE57 B (100)
4.06Quarry S&S (75) vE57 A (75)
4.07Cotteridge Soc B (75) vQuinton BL A (50)
4.08HGC (0) vHall Green HG (100)
Round 2* 15/11/2017
5.01Kings Norton XS B (75) vWeoley Castle WMC B (0) 223-375
5.02Kings Heath Corks B (0) vKings Norton XS A (0) 214-252
5.03Weoley Castle WMC A (50) vHawthorns Soc (50) 287-304
5.04Hall Green HG (100) vTriplex Sports A (50) 366-198
5.05Bournville Soc B (75) vQuinton BL A (50) 331-342
5.06Ladywood Soc (75) vKings Heath Corks D (75) 354-343
5.07Cotteridge Soc A (0) vBirmingham Deaf (100) 307-327
5.08Kings Heath Corks A (0) vLongbridge Soc B (50) 346-252
5.09Rednal Soc (100) vCotteridge Soc B (75) 258-350
5.10Bournville Soc Ctr B (100) vCue Club B (100) 394-234
5.11Triplex Sports B (50) vLongbridge Soc A (0) 243-373
5.12Quarry S&S (75) vKings Norton BC B (-50) 313-284
5.13Bournbrook Soc B (100) vBournville Soc Ctr A (100) 400-321
5.14HGC (0) ^vNorthfield Cons B (75)
5.15E57 A (75) vRubery Soc (50) 324-283
5.16Kings Norton BC A (0) vE57 B (100) 240-340
Round 1* 04/10/2017
6.01Cotteridge Soc A (0) vCadbury Mens (0) 315-229
6.02Bournville Soc A (0) vKings Norton XS B (75) 235-282
6.03Rubery Soc (50) vYardley Wood Soc A (50) 351-263
6.04Triplex Sports B (50) vHollywood GC (0) 297-293
6.05Cue Club A (100) vCotteridge Soc B (75) 337-338
6.06Kings Heath Corks B (0) vKings Heath CC A (75) 302-244
6.07Yardley Wood Soc B (75) vCue Club B (100) 295-302
6.08Bournville Soc Ctr B (100) vQuinton BL B (100) 406-308
6.09Northfield Cons A (100) vE57 A (75) 318-324
6.10Longbridge Soc B (50) vE57 D (75) 316-303
6.11Stirchley Utd WMC A (50) vTriplex Sports A (50) 229-386
6.12Weoley Castle WMC B (0) vKings Heath Corks C (50) 324-261
6.13Quinton BL A (50) vStirchley Utd WMC B (100) 370-250
6.14Kings Heath CC B (50) vBournbrook Soc B (100) 294-306
6.15Kings Heath Corks A (0) vBye
6.16Kings Norton BC B (-50) vBye
6.17HGC (0) vBye
6.18Kings Norton XS A (0) vBye
6.19Longbridge Soc A (0) vBye
6.20Kings Norton BC A (0) vBye
6.21Hawthorns Soc (50) vBye
6.22Weoley Castle WMC A (50) vBye
6.23Kings Heath Corks D (75) vBye
6.24Northfield Cons B (75) vBye
6.25Bournville Soc B (75) vBye
6.26Quarry S&S (75) vBye
6.27Ladywood Soc (75) vBye
6.28Bournville Soc Ctr A (100) vBye
6.29Birmingham Deaf (100) vBye
6.30Rednal Soc (100) vBye
6.31Hall Green HG (100) vBye
6.32E57 B (100) vBye
* = Play On
^ = Progress
w/o = Walk Over
(#) = Start Points
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Stirchley & District Cup


Andrew Moreton

Top 10 S&DC
Confirmed Breaks
72 Tierney
67 Allen
59 Richards
54 Seaman
Show 2017:2018 only

Birmingham Deaf
Lee Finbow

Bournbrook Soc B
Steve Munn

Bournville Soc A
Adrian Britton

Bournville Soc B

Bournville Soc Ctr A
Tod Davies

Bournville Soc Ctr B
Dave Thomas

Cadbury Mens
Paul Finch

Cotteridge Soc A
Adam King

Cotteridge Soc B
Mark Scandrett

Cue Club A
Steven Hart

Cue Club B
Jamiel Hussain

E57 A
Tom Helm

E57 B
Mick Foyle

E57 D
Jodey Byrne

Hall Green HG
Colin Mason

Hawthorns Soc
Pete Busby

Costa Christou

Hollywood GC
Roy Sturdy

Kings Heath CC A
Adrian Curran

Kings Heath CC B
Michael Fallon

Kings Heath Corks A
John Kerr

Kings Heath Corks B
Dave Earp

Kings Heath Corks C
Andy Hemsley

Kings Heath Corks D
Keith Walley

Kings Norton BC A
John Reid

Kings Norton BC B
Allan Pickerill

Kings Norton XS A
Bob Beet

Kings Norton XS B
Paul Male

Ladywood Soc
Chris White

Longbridge Soc A
Russell Hodgetts

Longbridge Soc B
Paul Graham

Northfield Cons A
Jason Jones

Northfield Cons B
John Rawle

Quarry S&S
Jordan Molloy

Quinton BL A
David Hadley

Quinton BL B
David Hadley

Rednal Soc
John Barson

Rubery Soc
Mat Harrison

Stirchley Utd WMC A

Stirchley Utd WMC B
Anthony Dodd

Triplex Sports A
Andy Niblett

Triplex Sports B
Gareth Norris

Weoley Castle WMC A
Chris Hunt

Weoley Castle WMC B
Gez Farren

Yardley Wood Soc A
J Wenlock

Yardley Wood Soc B
John Burns

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