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What is Player Participation?

How do I change my email address?

Where is the Club page?

Where do I go to see a Venues address?

How do I link to my Club?

How do I link to my League? (League committee only)

How do I enter a result?

How do I know if my league allows player participation? Open print version click here

Team Admin status or higher required

Player Participation
Some leagues allow their players to enter results on MyDivision, this is called Player Participation

A player entering a result would need to be linked to their club and hold Team Admin status or higher. FAQ How do I link to my club? explains how to get the right permissions

To find out if a league allows player participation click on Leagues in the MyDivision Index and if a black # is next to a league name, that league allows Player Participation.

Leagues without the black #, only league admin can enter results
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Where do I go to see my stats?

More FAQ's to be added soon!

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