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The wrong details of a match have been entered and confirmed by one of our club! Could it be altered? I won 2 rubbers but it has been recorded as I lost!
Message posted by: Neil Loftus, Barton TC on 31-05-2014 @ 15:05

Hi Neil
Get in touch with the person from your club who submitted or confirmed the result. Tell him/her your problem and ask him/her to contact the league with the correct match details.
Only League Admin can alter match details once confirmed.
Reply posted by: Rory Site Admin

Do you prefer the new version of MyDivision?
What do you think of the new features?
Any feedback you leave would be most welcome.
Message posted by: Site Admin on 02-04-2014 @ 14:51

have just posted my final entry and would like to say how easy the site has been to use after some initial and very prompt guidance on our very first entry. It is always reassuring too to receive automatic confirmation that the scores have been added up correctly! Many thanks for your early help and support. Jenny.
Message posted by: jenny rankin on 17-08-2012 @ 9:25

hello again - have just tried to add/confirm my results but the players are not coming up on the screen even though I have added them to the player list. any ideas?
Message posted by: jenny rankin on 29-06-2012 @ 8:54

Players entered via 'Control Panel'/'Manage Players' need to be added to the team squad. Please read 'Step 2' on Submitting a result on the Results Page.
Reply posted by: Rory Site Admin

It would be useful to have a contact number for each team in each division. If it is raining and you need to contact the oppostion quickly it is not easy as the person in THE BOOK may not have a clue who is playing in the league match you need to cancel/discuss. This all takes time and when most of us are working to 5 30pm it does not leave much time to sort arrangements out.
Message posted by: jacquieroe on 27-06-2012 @ 21:59

Noted and created! Now available to those logged in and linked to their club, thanks for the idea.
Reply posted by: Rory Site Admin

Really good. Easy to use, it all works, fab job. Just one little point, I won my first matches, but was not eligible due to only being registered for 10 days due to inefficiencies at my club and the admin person being away on leave. That is fine to count against the team but I think adjusted scores should either be excluded from my personal stats, or the true score be recorded, as it gives a false impression.
Message posted by: Mike wyldes on 25-05-2012 @ 17:19

Sorry Mike the system can not tell if a 6-0 6-0 is because of a rule infringement as all stats including the players table are taken from confirmed matches where your name appears. The only way is to get your name removed from the fixture, but that would be up to your league. I too have had a result reversed to 0-6 0-6 and it wasnt even my fault, it was my partners. Sorry I cant be of more help.
Reply posted by: Rory Site Admin


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