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2017Division 3Yardley
2017Division 1Edgbaston Priory 1
2016Division 1Walsall 1
2016Division 2West Warwicks
2016Division 3Sutton Coldfield 2
2015Division 1Edgbaston Priory 1
2015Division 2Four Oaks 1
2015Division 3West Warwicks
2014Division 1Edgbaston Priory 1
2014Division 2Coleshill
2014Division 3Sutton United
2013Division 1Edgbaston Priory 1
2013Division 2Edgbaston Priory 2
2013Division 3Walsall 2
2012Division 1Moseley
2012Division 2Curdworth
2012Division 3Edgbaston Priory 2
2011Division 1Penns 1
2011Division 2Streetly
2011Division 3Water Orton
2010Division 1Penns 1
2010Division 2Walsall 1
2010Division 3WMPSSC University
2009Division 1Moseley
2009Division 2Weoley Hill
2009Division 3Sutton United
2008Division 1Moseley 1
2008Division 2Streetly
2008Division 3Weoley Hill
2007Division 1Moseley 1
2007Division 2Marston Green 1
2007Division 3Castle Bromwich
2006Division 1Moseley 1
2006Division 2Coleshill
2006Division 3Wylde Green
2005Division 1Penns Lane 1
2005Division 2Four Oaks 1
2005Division 3Boldmere
2004Division 1Curdworth
2004Division 2Moseley 1
2004Division 3Penns Lane 2
2003Division 1Penns Lane 1
2003Division 2Coleshill
2003Division 3Edgbaston Priory
2002Division 1Marston Green 1
2002Division 2Weoley Hill
2002Division 3Coleshill
2001Division 1Marston Green 1
2001Division 2Boldmere
2001Division 3Little Aston