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Metropolitan Summer League
Metropolitan Summer League - Rules
Set: 23-07-2017

To organise Leagues in the Birmingham Area, to formulate and enforce the League rules and to run other tennis competitions as required.

The League is currently managed by a Committee consisting of a Chairman (acting Secretary) Treasurer and Divisional secretaries. Anyone wishing to join the Committee should contact the Chairman.

A General Meeting shall be held annually in February. A Special General Meeting shall be held if requested in writing by at least six League clubs. Each League club may send two voting representatives to any General Meeting. A quorum for any General Meeting shall be ten members. Written notice of General Meetings shall be given by the Secretary to all League clubs not less than fourteen days prior to the meeting, together with a copy of any proposed amendments to the rules.

Amendment to the rules
The rules of the League can only be amended prior to a season starting. Written notice of any proposed amendment by a club must be received by the Secretary not less than twenty-eight days before the fixture/annual general meeting.

On general matters voting shall be by a simple majority. Where a tie results, the Chairman shall have a casting vote. Where a resolution calls for alteration to the League rules, a two-thirds majority is required for adoption

All members of the Committee, shall be elected each year by the Annual General Meeting. Nominations for election, other than re-election, must be received in writing by the Secretary not less than fourteen days prior to the meeting.

The Treasurer shall keep records of the subscriptions paid and due and of all payments made on behalf of the League and shall prepare an Income and Expenditure Account for the year ended 31st December and a Balance Sheet as at that date for submission to the next Annual General Meeting. This meeting shall decide the annual subscription to be paid for each team entered in the League for the forthcoming season.

Membership of the League is open to all clubs in Birmingham and District who are affiliated to the appropriate County Association or have been accepted by the League Committee.

The Leagues shall consist of a number of divisions, each consisting of up to nine teams (except where neccessary). Each division shall be represented by an Secretary, who shall arrange the fixtures, record the results and be a member of the League Committee.

Player Eligibility
* 10 . a   Amended February 2017
Subject to the approval of the Committee, clubs may enter a maximum of five teams in the Men’s, Ladies’ and Mixed Leagues. Where more than one team is entered they shall be distinguished from one another by calling the highest ranked team “1”, the next “2”, the next “3” the next “4” and the last “5”. With the exception of the lowest division, no club shall have more than two teams in a division.
10 . b . (i)   
Players can play a Maximum of two matches for any higher ranked team without imposing a penalty. Two matches in total, not two per team.
10 . b . (ii)   
Should a player play three matches for higher ranked team/s, any scores gained by that player for lower ranked team/s will be awarded to the opposition. (basically a player can only play two up).
10 . c   
No player may play for more than one club in any one season in the same format (Format = Mens or Ladies or Mixed). The following players, after not less than fourteen days’ bona fide membership of a club immediately prior to a match, shall alone be qualified to represent that club in matches
10 . c . (i)   
Members elected in accordance with the rules of the club at an annual subscription entitling them to the usual playing privileges
10 . c . (ii)   
Members elected on payment of a recognised commutation of such subscription or for some valuable service to the club
10 . c . (iii)   
Permanent officials of the club, if members of the same. It is the responsibility of each club to ensure that they adhere to this rule.

Should a player contravene this rule, points scored by the offending player shall be awarded to the opposition and the player shall be suspended from playing in League matches for the rest of the season. Note: All appearances count, even voided matches.

Each team will play the other teams in the division once during the season. Where two teams from the same club are placed in the same division, their first fixture* must be against each other. If this fixture is unfinished or postponed it must be completed within 21 days; if not, the part score (if any) will stand and any rubbers not started will be void (* = later only with league consent).
Equal numbers of ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ matches are to be played unless the clubs, by mutual agreement, decide otherwise and the Divisional Secretary approves the alteration.

A fixture may be brought forward, if both teams agree and both teams notify the Divisional Secretary prior to the new fixture date.

Play Format
All divisions shall play two-pair matches, the best of three sets, with a championship tie-break to ten points if the score reaches one set all (i.e. four rubbers in total). A standard (seven point) tie-break will operate if the score reaches six games all in the first two sets. The Championship tie-break will count as one game and one set on the score cards.

Playing conditions
* 13   Amended February 2017
The ‘Home’ club shall provide two courts of the same surface for a match, the choice of surface being at the ‘Home’ team’s discretion. In the event of the courts becoming unfit for play for any reason during the course of the match, it may be completed on alternative courts or using floodlights, providing both captains agree. The ‘Away’ team has the option of returning to finish the match under the original conditions. Questions of light and weather should be mutually settled by the captains. If they are unable to agree the ‘Home’ captain shall decide.

The ‘Home’ club shall provide two new tubes of balls (four balls per court) for the match

Late arrival
Play shall commence not later than 6.15 p.m. unless otherwise agreed when the fixtures were made. In the event of a pair not being ready to play within 30 minutes of the agreed starting time, their opponents may claim one 6-0 set; in the event of a pair not being ready to play within 45 minutes of the agreed starting time, their opponents may claim the rubber 6-0, 6-0. If neither pair of a rubber is ready to play within 30 minutes of the agreed starting time, then that rubber shall be reduced to one set only; if neither pair of a rubber is ready to play within 45 minutes of the agreed starting time, then that rubber shall be void (0-0, 0-0)

In the event of a pair not arriving to play, their opponents shall record two rubbers, four sets and twenty-four games to nil. Should a team fail to play a match on the set date, the defaulting team shall have four points deducted, if a team fails to play two matches or eight rubbers in a season, all their fixtures for that season will become void and will be RELEGATED. Any Team Relegated for falling foul of this Rule will have the Four point deduction carried over to the following season.

Defaulting the final match of a season
16 . a   
If a teams divisional status is not effected by the four point deduction, the penalty will also be carried over to the following season.
In the event of a pair retiring before the completion of a match, completed sets and games shall stand as scored and their opponents shall record the games and sets required to give them the match (e.g. should a pair retire when leading 6-0, 5-0, their score shall be recorded as 6-0, 5-7, 0-1)

Postponed Matches
In the event of a match being postponed due to weather, the TWO clubs concerned must notify the Divisional Secretary within forty-eight hours by text or email. Matches may only be postponed due to weather conditions or (subject to reason) with league approval.

Unfinished and postponement matches
18 . a   
Home team must provide a minimum of three dates, with at least one date on an alternate week BY DIRECT CONTACT (phone) with a minimum of seven days notice to the first date offered.
18 . b   
The away team can ask for another date only if a date offered clashes with a tennis match already arranged
18 . c   
The home team must inform the Divisional secretary of the new date once known
18 . d   
Outstanding Games/Sets and Rubbers will be awarded to the away team at the end of the season. UNLESS the away team refused all the dates offered (home team must notify the Div Sec should this occur). Then all outstanding Games/Sets and Rubbers will be awarded to the home team.
18 . e   
If the rearranged date is postponed due to weather rules 18 a, b, c and d apply again
18 . f   
If the closing date for the league is reached before conclusion, rule 18 d applies
Matches not started by the closing date
18 . g   
The Home team will be classed as the defaulting team if rule 18a was not administered. Otherwise if no date is agreed the Away team will be classed as the defaulting team. Rule 16 and 16a will then apply.
Unfinished matches
If a match is left unfinished owing to weather or light, it must be completed at a later date on the same courts. Both clubs must enter the partially completed scores and inform the Divisional Secretary of its status within forty-eight hours. Completed rubbers MUST stand; unfinished rubbers shall be continued from the exact point where they were abandoned, unless the two captains have previously agreed otherwise. Should a rubber remain unfinished at the end of the season see rule 18 d

Are to be submitted and confirmed on the internet within 48 hours of the match date and start time. It is essential that both teams keep a copy of the players and set scores, as this may affect the League positions in cases of dispute. (Please do not post the result unless requested to do so by a league committee member). Should any team not do their bit on the Internet within 48 hours a reminder will be sent to the offending team. If still missing after 14 days it may result in the offending team being penalized, this will be at the discretion of the Committee.

League positions
One point to be scored for each rubber won. Final League positions to be decided on points total.
(a) Where equal on points, on sets difference.
(b) Where equal on the above, on games difference.
(c) Where equal on the above, on the result in the match between the teams.
(d) If still equal, on the result between the teams’ first pairs.

(Difference = Totals ‘For’ minus Totals ‘Against’)

End of season
All fixtures must be completed and the results in by September 30th. Any result not received within seven days of this date will be treated as per rule 18.

Promotion and relegation
At the end of the season the two top teams in each division will be promoted and the two bottom teams relegated, more teams may be promoted/relegated should the structure of the league require, this will be at the discretion of the Committee

In the event of a team withdrawing from the League after the fixtures have been made, no additional team shall be placed in the vacancy for that season. The necessary adjustments will be made at the end of the season to bring all divisions back to normal again (teams will be moved strictly in the same order as they finished the season). All resignations, withdrawals, etc. must be received by the Divisional Secretary by the 1st January before the Annual General Meeting. Teams withdrawn after this date will still be liable for league entry fees.

Any club joining the League for the first time or re-joining or entering an additional team shall commence in the lowest division unless the Committee determines otherwise.

Any disputes which may arise should be referred to the Leagues Organizer Rory Lynas whose decision shall be final and binding on all parties concerned.

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