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Warwickshire Ladies Veterans League
Warwickshire Ladies Veterans League - Rules
Set: 14-08-2017

The League will be organized by the Warwickshire LTA. Only authorized balls shall be used. These will be provided by the home team.

* 2   Amended March 2016
All competitors must be over 40 on Dec 31 in the year in which the competition starts. They must be members of the club they represent and must not have represented their County over 35 team at all or their County over 40 team, in more than two matches, in the last 12 months.

The team will consist of two pairs.

Each pair will play both of the opposing pairs in two sets with tie breaks being played at 6 all in both sets. Again this season, no final tie break will be played if the score is ‘set all’.

* 5   Amended 2017
For clubs with more than one team: Any player who plays MORE THAN 1 match for a club's first team may NEVER play in the club's second or third team. Similarly, anyone who plays more than 1 match for the second team may NEVER play for the third team. No-one may play for non-adjacent teams.

You therefore have to decide your first and second team squads early on.

All matches shall be played on the given day unless the weather intervenes. There will be a penalty for rearranging matches for any reason other than the weather. If any club is unable to field a team on a given day more than once in a season, there will be a points deduction

The winner of each division will be decided on sets won. In the event of a tie on sets won, games difference will be decisive.

The two clubs which finish bottom of Divs 1, 2 and 3 will be relegated and the two finishing top of Divs 2 and 3 will be promoted. Any rearrangements due to the weather should be notified to me as soon as possible.

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