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Stirchley & District Snooker League
Stirchley & District Snooker League - Rules
Set: 25-09-2017


League Name
The League shall be called the Stirchley & District Snooker League

The League shall be controlled and administered by a Committee comprising a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and twelve other members elected at an AGM. An Assistant Secretary may be nominated at the discretion of the outgoing Committee. A Quorum at a Committee meeting shall be five. Any Committee member failing to attend three consecutive meetings may be removed from the Committee at the discretion of the other members.

Annual General Meeting
An AGM shall be called during the month of June or July. A Quorum will be 20 club representatives.

Rule Alterations
Only motions of which 7 days notice has been given will be discussed at an AGM unless the Chairman allows other business to be raised at his discretion

Extraordinary General Meeting
An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Secretary at any time or by a petition from 25 per cent of the clubs. 21 days notice must be given

AGM Attendance
Each member club must be represented at an AGM or Extraordinary General Meeting. Failure to attend will incur a fine determined by the Committee. One Vote per club will be allowed

Withdrawing A Team
In the event of a team withdrawing from the League, they must notify the Secretary no later then seven days after an AGM , otherwise all fees for the full season are payable. Cup and other K.O. entrance fees are forfeit after the first round.

No professional shall be allowed to play in any match.

Committee Decisions
The Committees decision shall be final on all matters and they shall have the authority to fine, suspend, expel, or act in any way they so decide towards any club or individual for misconduct or breach of the rules.


League Match Start Time
All League matches except re-arranged fixtures will be played on Wednesdays commencing at 8.00pm and continue without a break. If a game is finished and no other player is present to continue the match, the opponents are entitled to claim the games unplayed.

12 . a   
Teams unable to complete a fixture must notify their opponents and the League Secretary at least 48 hours before the night of the match.
12 . b   
Any team not complying with Rule 12a and failing to arrive on the match night should be reported to the League Secretary.
In the event of postponement, re-arrangement of the fixture must take place within 7 days. The non-offending club will become the home club. The match must be completed within 21 days. The home club must offer three dates on at least two different nights. Failure to do so must be reported to the League Secretary. No game can be re-arranged to be played after the date of the final league match.

Match Balls
Suitable quality match balls must be used in all matches

Team Players
All players must be members or employees of the clubs they represent and NO player may play for more than one team during a season.

Points Format
One point per frame is awarded in League matches . The highest number of points wins the League. In the event of a tie, clubs will play off on a neutral table to decide. This also applies to relegation ties. At least two teams may be promoted and teams may be relegated at the end of each season at the Committee’s discretion

Play Format
Each Captain will place names of his team into a hat and draw for opponents. The home Captain has the privilege of calling each game in whatever order he chooses. Should an opponent not be available when he is called, then the opponent shall be allowed One games grace, and if he is still not available, that game shall be forfeited. There is no grace should an opponent not be available for the last game of the match. A reserve may be substituted for an absent player in any match.

All home teams MUST be marked on SPOT and MUST provide referees for all matches. In all games the referee is in charge and his decision is final on any point raised.

Clubs With A Second Table
To avoid matches finishing late all clubs with more than one table shall use a second table for at least one game.

Match Cards
All match result cards must be posted to the League Secretary not later than the day after the match is played. All teams must keep a complete record of all matches played

A prize will be awarded annually for the highest League Snooker break in each division. The player making the highest overall snooker break of the season in the League or Cup Matches (excluding Singles, Doubles and Secretarys Competitions) will qualify for the Alan Brisbourne Trophy on an annual basis.

Fixture Books
22 . a   
Clubs will be fined for not collecting their fixture books on the specified date.
22 . b   
Clubs failing to collect trophies on presentation night will be fined and any such trophies will be forfeited
Withdrawing after AGM
Any team dropping out of the League after the AGM may, at the discretion of the Committee, be subject to a ban of up to 5 years before being allowed back into the League

Suspended / Expelled Players
Any player who has been suspended or expelled from a club within the League, can only play at the club from which he was suspended or expelled with that club’s permission.

Clubs and individual players holding trophies are held responsible for loss or damage and must return same in a clean condition to the League Secretary by MARCH 31st each year or a fine will be imposed

K.O. Competitions
League and S&DSL Cups
28 . a   
Aggregate score over five frames - Handicap See Rule 34
28 . b   
Dave Clinton Memorial Cup (Best of 3 frames - Semi Final best of 5 frames, Final best of 7 frames ).
28 . c   
Ron Whetton Memorial Trophy (Best of 3 frames - Final best of 5 frames).
28 . d   
K. Walley Trophy (Aggregate score over 3 frames).
Player Eligibility
* 29   Amended September 2015
Members joining clubs during the season are eligible to play in League & Cup matches. In the Doubles Competition players can only enter and play from the club they represent in the League.

K.O. Match Start Time
All K.O. Competition games shall commence not later than 7.45pm. All cup matches due to be played on a designated date in the fixture book must take place on that night. Failure to play will result in the offending team forfeiting the match.

Order Of Play
Team Captains will draw the opposing teams names and the order of play must conform to the order of the draw.

Tied Matches
If any of the first four games in an aggregate match end in a tie, the Black ball is NOT re-spotted. If the match does end in a tie the Black ball is re-spotted and the last two players toss for break. In aggregate matches the final frame must not commence until all other frames have been completed.

K.O. Arranging Match Dates
In all K.O. Competitions, clubs drawn at home (or players in the case of Singles or Doubles) are responsible for arranging the dates for the matches to be played. At least three dates must be offered to opponents, one of which must be a different night to the other two WITHIN 7 DAYS of notification. The League Secretary MUST be notified by BOTH PLAYERS if no contact has been made WITHIN 7 DAYS. Failure by the home player to observe this rule will mean an automatic reversal of the fixture. Matches not played by closing date, both players will be eliminated. Clubs or players will be under no obligation to play matches on Saturday or Sunday.

K.O. Handicap System
Entries for the S&DSL Cup and League Cup K.O. Competitions will be handicapped as follows:-

* 34 . a   Amended September 2015
Division 1 teams (scratch to minus 50 points)
Division 2 teams (receive 50 points)
Division 3 teams (receive 75 points)
Division 4 teams (receive 100 points)
Division 5 teams (receive 125 points)

The League Committee will handicap entries in these competitions at their discretion.

K.O. Match Substitution
In the Ron Whetton Doubles K.O. Competition and the K. Walley Triples K.O. Competition, after entries have been received by the Secretary, substitution of players can only be allowed at the discretion of the League Committee prior to the player’s commencement in the Competition.

K.O. Awards
* 36   Amended September 2015
In the SDSL Cup, Dave Clinton Memorial Cup Singles K.O. Competition, the Ron Whetton Doubles K.O. Competition and the K.Walley Triples K.O. Competition, prizes will be awarded to Winners and Runners-up.

K.O. Neutral Venue Dress Code
In K.O. competitions played at neutral venues all players must adhere to the dress code i.e. tailored trousers, collared shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification.

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