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Rugby & District Mixed Winter League
Rugby & District Mixed Winter League - Rules
Set: 29-09-2017

League name
The League shall be named The Rugby and District Lawn Tennis League.

Team eligibility
Membership of the League is open to all Tennis Clubs in the appropriate County and surrounding District who are affiliated to the appropriate County LTA. Subject to the approval of the Committee.

Team subscription fee
Clubs shall pay subscription of £3.00 for each team entered in the League.

Committee structure
The League shall be controlled by a Committee, which shall consist of President and Vice-President (or Chairman), Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer and a Committee consisting of one Representative to be nominated by each Club.

AGM voting eligibility
An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year. All members of League Clubs may attend this meeting and contribute to discussions but each Club shall have one vote only.

League constitution
The League shall consist of one or more divisions. The number of teams in each division to be decided at the AGM. At the conclusion of each season, the top team/teams in a lower division to be promoted and the bottom team/teams in a higher division relegated. If more than five teams are in the 1st and 2nd divisions, two teams will be promoted and relegated. If less than six teams are in the 1st and 2nd divisions, only one will be promoted and relegated.

Fixture meeting dates
The date for the fixture meeting will be decided at the AGM. All League Clubs MUST attend the fixture meeting.

Match and player rule
Un-played matches shall not be cancelled, nor shall unfinished matches be abandoned except when conditions are unfit to play. The Home Captain shall decide on the fitness of conditions and advise the Honorary League Secretary within 24 hours of decisions against play and the reasons for such decisions. Close of play scores must be submitted at the same time for abandoned matches. The visiting team shall not refuse to play or continue a match, but may lodge a complaint against any decision by the Home Captain under this rule with the Honorary League Secretary within 24 hours. The Committee’s ruling shall be communicated to both teams and shall be final. Cancelled and abandoned matches shall be played on original ground within 4 weeks of original date. The score at abandonment shall be carried forward to the new match date unless captains agree at the original meeting to replay the match from start and have advised the League of such an agreement. Their opponents can use an eligible substitute to complete a match providing there are no objections. The set must be restarted. No one match is allowed to count for both home and away results.

Team format
Teams shall be two pairs in the Ladies, Men’s and Mixed Divisions. Each pair will play two sets with a normal tiebreak (1st to 7 points and 2 points clear) at 6-6 against each opposing pair. One point will be awarded for each set won. Positions will be decided by sets won followed by games difference.

Team format
The Home Club shall provide two courts for each match. The Committee will consider applications from clubs with one court.

Balls to be used
The home club shall provide new balls, authorised by the County LTA. For each match.

Player eligibility
No player may play for more than one club in a League during the season. However, they may play for more than one club in different Leagues. E.g. Ladies and Mixed. Players who normally play for the lower of the teams entered by a club are allowed to play two games for the higher team/teams without rendering themselves ineligible for the lower team. Clubs playing ineligible players shall forfeit all sets in which that player played.

Match dates and start times
Matches may be played any day or evening. The match date to be arranged at the fixture meeting by mutual agreement. Any pair not ready to commence play 15 minutes after the match start time will forfeit two love sets. This will also apply to any pair retiring before the end of a match.

Rearranging fixtures
Any Club wanting to change a fixture date must give the opposition 7 days notice unless the opposing team agrees otherwise. In the event of a team not giving 7 days notice, the offending team will forfeit the match. Any change of a fixture date or rearranged match date must be notified to the Divisional Secretary to keep all the details updated on mydivision

Inputting results
The home Captain to submit the result on within 24 hours of a match being played. The away Captain must confirm this result on within 48 hours of match being played.

League completion dates
A. All summer league matches to be completed by 30th September. B. All Winter League matches to be completed by 30th April.

League completion dates
All disputes shall be referred to the Divisional Secretary, who shall bring them before the committee for decisions. Officials and players of clubs may be called to appear before the Committee in cases of dispute.

League completion dates
All clubs must maintain the correct details of the Team Captain on mydivision

Court conditions
All match courts are subject to inspection by the League Committee, and all grounds to be open to League Officials while matches are in progress.

League rules updates
The Committee shall have the power to add such rules as considered necessary and to amend or add to the forgoing rules.

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