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Northampton Mens Winter League
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30 Fixtures
Last Updated: 22-02-2018Division
Show All Thrapston A Matches1Thrapston A65013612249173536
Show All Rushmere A Matches2Rushmere A73223323258216333
Show All Kings Park A Matches3Kings Park A64113018238212430
Show All Collingtree A Matches4Collingtree A71151640226289116
Show All Duston United C Matches5Duston United C6105133517025119
Show All Northampton D Matches6Northampton D000000000-16
Northampton D (-16 points) No show v two teams. Rule 17 - automatic relegatio
Duston United C (-4 points) No show for one pair v Rushmere GC 07/01

Division 4 Players Table [?]
Division 4 Fixtures
DateMatch SetsGames
0114.09.17 - Thu N Collingtree A - Duston United C3v537v38
0226.09.17 - Tue Kings Park A - Rushmere A4v439v34
0309.10.17 - Mon Thrapston A - Duston United C6v239v29
0424.10.17 - Tue Kings Park A - Collingtree A8v048v27
0530.10.17 - Mon Thrapston A - Kings Park A8v050v23
0609.11.17 - Thu Rushmere A - Thrapston A0v818v49
0716.11.17 - Thu Duston United C - Kings Park A3v544v42
0823.11.17 - Thu Rushmere A - Duston United C7v146v16
0924.11.17 - Fri Thrapston A - Collingtree A3v531v35
1007.12.17 - Thu Collingtree A - Rushmere A1v731v49
1104.01.18 - Thu Collingtree A - Kings Park A1v726v47
1204.01.18 - Thu h N Duston United C - Rushmere A0v812v48
1308.01.18 - Mon Thrapston A - Rushmere A5v336v31
1423.01.18 - Tue Collingtree A - Thrapston A2v637v44
1501.02.18 - Thu Rushmere A - Collingtree A4v432v33
1606.02.18 - Tue Kings Park A - Duston United C6v239v31
1713.02.18 - Tue Kings Park A - Thrapston A
1822.02.18 - Thu AC Duston United C - Collingtree A3v531v35
1908.03.18 - Thu Duston United C - Thrapston A
2008.03.18 - Thu Rushmere A - Kings Park A
Start times 19.00 unless otherwise stated
10 fixtures made void
AC = Awaiting Confirmation from team in red
h = Home Team 1 Pair
N = Match Note
League visits: 30229
Division 4 visits: 2449
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1 result
Awaiting Confirmation

If AC score is confirmed
Thrapston A636
Rushmere A733
Kings Park A630
Collingtree A821
Duston United C712
Northampton D0-16

Divisional Secretary
Gareth Cox

Team Contacts

Collingtree A
Tony Entwistle

Duston United C
Brian Warren

Kings Park A
Mark Tallett

Northampton D
Sayed Ahmed

Rushmere A
Adrian Harland

Thrapston A
Martin Welsh