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Stratford & District Mixed Winter League
15 Fixtures
Last Updated: 15-10-2017Division
Show All Henley B Matches1Henley B110040804812+84
Show All Chipping Campden B Matches2Chipping Campden B110031734729+43
Show All Bidford B Matches3Bidford B101022653936+12
Show All Littletons Matches4Littletons101022563639-12
Show All Moreton B Matches5Moreton B100113372947-41
Show All Aston Cantlow Matches6Aston Cantlow100104081248-80

Division 5 Players Table [?]
Division 5 Fixtures
DateMatch RubbersSetsGames
10.10.17 - Tue Bidford B - Littletons2v26v539v36
10.10.17 - Tue ACL Chipping Campden B - Moreton B3v17v347v29
14.10.17 - Sat Aston Cantlow - Henley B0v40v812v48
24.10.17 - Tue Chipping Campden B - Bidford B
25.10.17 - Wed Littletons - Aston Cantlow
25.10.17 - Wed Moreton B - Henley B
06.11.17 - Mon Henley B - Bidford B
07.11.17 - Tue Chipping Campden B - Littletons
08.11.17 - Wed Moreton B - Aston Cantlow
20.11.17 - Mon Henley B - Chipping Campden B
21.11.17 - Tue Bidford B - Aston Cantlow
22.11.17 - Wed Littletons - Moreton B
04.12.17 - Mon Henley B - Littletons
05.12.17 - Tue Bidford B - Moreton B
09.12.17 - Sat Aston Cantlow - Chipping Campden B
Start times 18.30 unless otherwise stated
ACL = Awaiting Confirmation from League. Result altered by confirming team.
League visits: 3378
Division 5 visits: 412
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Divisional Secretary
Tina Robinson

Team Contacts

Aston Cantlow
Helen Douglas

Bidford B
Simon Price

Chipping Campden B
Mac Partridge

Henley B
Peter Quince

Sean Sinclair

Moreton B
Terence Parkes