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The Spring League
Team Contacts
1OBerkswell 1Div1Harry Malone
2OBerkswell 2Div3Bryan Connell
3OBoldmereDiv3Steve McAleavy
4OColeshillDiv3Roger Cox
5ODavid Lloyd (Gt Barr)Div3Kal Blaggan
6ODigbyDiv2Robert Palmer
7OEdgbaston Priory 1Div1Rick Knights
8OEdgbaston Priory 2Div1Simon Neville
9OFour Oaks 1Div1Dan Cottier
10OFour Oaks 2Div2Mitch Hill
11OHolford Drive 1Div2Nigel Mills
12OHolford Drive 2Div3Angela O'Rourke
13OKings NortonDiv3Ian Mather
14OMarston GreenDiv3Alex Harverson
15OMoseleyDiv1Ed Lunt
16OSolihull Tennis 1Div1Ben Watkins
17OSolihull Tennis 2Div2Ben Watkins
18OSutton Coldfield 1Div1David Parker
19OSutton Coldfield 2Div2Roger Cooke
20OSutton Coldfield 3Div3Yvonne Mallabone
21OSutton UnitedDiv2Dan Humpherson
22OWalsall 1Div1Craig Eastwood
23OWalsall 2Div2Michael Coulson
24OWeoley HillDiv2Cliff Allum
25OWest WarwicksDiv1Paul Fielding
26OWoodlands NorthfieldDiv3Emma Lancashire
27OYardleyDiv2 Withdrawn

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