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Coventry & District Lawn Tennis League
Team Contacts
1MArdencote Manor 1M1Ben Summers
2MArdencote Manor 2M4Steve Hussey
3MBeechwood 1PremJohn Hales
4MBeechwood 2PremNate Tkacz
5MBeechwood 3M1Clive Stallan
6MBeechwood 4M2Jack Herdman
7MBeechwood 5M5Phil Mizen
8MBeechwood 6M7Paul Fenner
9MBerkswell 2M3Chris Rees
10MBerkswell 3M5Chris Rhodes
11MBerkswell 4M6Matt Quinn
12MBerkswell 5M8Anthony Morris
13MC & NW 1M1Gurvinder Sidhu
14MC & NW 2M3Austen Nightingale
15MC & NW 3M6Oli Riley
16MC & NW 4M7Austen Nightingale
17MColeshill 1M5Eddy Payne
18MColeshill 2M6Sean Walton
19MDavid Lloyd Solihull 1PremJohn Watson
20MDavid Lloyd Solihull 3M8Jonathan Worrell
21MHampton In Arden 1PremTony Eccleston
22MHampton In Arden 2M2Sam Hiskett
23MHampton In Arden 3M3Andy Frith
24MHampton In Arden 4M5Stephen Ray
25MKenilworth 1PremRichard Costello
26MKenilworth 2M2Anthony Broad
27MKenilworth 3M4Richard Beeson
28MKenilworth 4M7Dave Smithson
29MLeamington 1PremAndy Cowden
30MLeamington 2M1Neil Gildove
31MLeamington 3M2Ben Franklin
32MLeamington 4M2Guy Graham
33MLeamington 5M4Jim Marsden
34MLeamington 6M6Simon Kaye
35MLMRCAM4Alistair Leckie
36MNuneaton 1M3James Asbridge
37MNuneaton 2M3Darren McHale
38MNuneaton 3M4Stuart Brown
39MNuneaton 4M6Ross Kilburn
40MNuneaton 5M8Martin Kimberley
41MRugby 1M1Brad Keenes
42MRugby 2M5John Victoros
43MStratford 1PremCameron Malik
44MStratford 1PremGraeme Adams
45MVictoria Park 1M7Neil Cockrell
46MVirgin Active 1M3Chris Tuck
47MVirgin Active 2M4Kevin Roe
48MVirgin Active 3M8Kevin Roe
49MWar Memorial Park 1M4Andy Webb
50MWar Memorial Park 2M7Simon Davison
51MWar Memorial Park 3M7Andy Pearson
52MWarwick Boat Club 1PremGavin Henderson
53MWarwick Boat Club 2M1Robert Pocknell
54MWarwick Boat Club 3M2Mark Pearson
55MWarwick Boat Club 4M5Ian Fergusson
56MWarwick Boat Club 5M5Don Clark
57MWarwick TC 1M2Matthew Stead
58MWarwick TC 2M4Royston Young
59MWarwick TC 3M6Steve Drummond
60MWarwick TC 4M8Chris Thompson
61MWest Warwicks 1M1Simon Heaton
62MWest Warwicks 2M6Jim Pereira

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69 Teams - 7 currently without a team contact
1MBerkswell 1M1
2MDavid Lloyd Solihull 2M3
3MHampton In Arden 5M5
4MKnowle & DorridgeM2
5MSolihull ArdenM8
6MSolihull TCM3
7MVictoria Park 2M8
8MWarwick CCM7

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