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Northampton Mens Winter League
Team Contacts
1MAbington AD1Mike Preston
2MAbington BD5Tim Walden
3MCollingtree AD4Tony Entwistle
4MCounty AD1Barry Wilson
5MCounty BD2Christian Rostlund
6MCounty CD5Charles Mcgowan
7MCrick & West Haddon AD3Malcolm Kilpatrick
8MCrick & West Haddon BD6Mark Miller
9MDallington AD1Andy Guy
10MDallington BD1Nick Lloyd
11MDallington CD2Jason Shanks
12MDallington DD3James Mcglade
13MDallington ED5Richard Wan
14MDuston United AD2Ollie Conopo
15MDuston United BD3Piotr Achtel
16MDuston United CD4Brian Warren
17MDuston United DD6Andy Hudson
18MDuston United ED7Chris Bennett
19MEarls Barton AD6John Green
20MFerrers & Rushden AD3Gareth Street
21MFerrers & Rushden BD7Ian Taylor
22MKettering TCD2Jonathon Burrows
23MKilsby AD5James Loader
24MKings Park AD4Mark Tallett
25MLMRCA AD3Steve Barnes
26MLMRCA BD7Graham Harvey
27MNether Heyford AD6Andy Dickson
28MNorthampton AD1Simon Gallo
29MNorthampton BD2Romano Gallo
30MNorthampton CD2Ben Nightingale
31MNorthampton DD4Sayed Ahmed
32MNorthampton ED5Justin Leatherland
33MRoade AD7Matt Street
34MRugby AD1Brad Keenes
35MRugby BD3John Victoros
36MRugby CD3Duncan Grime
37MRushmere AD4Adrian Harland
38MRushmere BD7Bob Griffith
39MThrapston AD4Martin Welsh
40MThrapston BD6Simon Hossack
41MTowcester AD5Callum Jones
42MTowcester BD7David Millard

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