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East Northants Tennis League
Team Contacts
1LBurton LatimerL1Sue Hart
2MBurton LatimerM2Mike Cave
3XBurton Latimer AMx2Sue Hart
4XBurton Latimer BMx2Mike Cave
5XCorby TCMx1Craig Haworth
6LCorby TC AL1Karyn Slater
7MCorby TC AM1Iain Wetherell
8LCorby TC BL1Julie Marriot
9MCorby TC BM1Paul White
10LCorby TC CL1Ruth Morcombe
11MCorby TC CM2John Hanlon
12MDesboroughM2Steve Draycott
13XDesboroughMx2Steve Draycott
14LFerrers & RushdenL1Tracy O'Reilly
15MFerrers & RushdenM2Matthew Vaughan
16XFerrers & Rushden AMx1Tracy O'Reilly
17XFerrers & Rushden BMx2Karen Stocks
18MFinedonM2Paul Atkinson
19MGeddingtonM1Graham Love
20XGeddingtonMx2Paul Rowden
21LKetteringL1Nicky Evans
22MKettering AM1Chris Todd
23XKettering AMx1Wayne Tideswell
24MKettering BM1Jonathon Burrows
25XKettering BMx1Jonathon Burrows
26MKettering CM1Andy Bland
27XKettering CMx2Ben Johnson
28MKettering DM2Jonathon Burrows
29MKettering EM2Stanley Kirk
30LOundleL1Claire Spencer
31MOundleM2Stephen Lewins
32XOundleMx1Stephen Lewins
33MRockinghamM1Kerry Anderson
34XRockinghamMx1Helen Marriot
35XThrapstonMx2Chris Hutchinson
36LThrapston AL1Vanessa Woodhead
37MThrapston AM1Martin Welsh
38LThrapston BL1Judith Wildman
39MThrapston CM2Jim Arkell

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