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Fixtures found for week ending Sun 18-02-2018 = 8 (Stirchley & District Snooker League)
1Mon  S&DSLCup   Cue Club v Kings Heath Corks   97v188 118v181 
2Mon  S&DSLCup   James O'Reilly v L Knowles     0v2 
3Wed  S&DSLCup   Kings Norton BC B v Weoley Castle WMC B     339v122 
4Wed  S&DSLCup   Rubery Soc v Kings Heath Corks C     306v189 
5Wed  S&DSLCup   Stirchley Utd WMC A v Hawthorns Soc     225v259 
6Wed  S&DSLCup   Quinton BL B v Cue Club A     201v273 
7Wed  S&DSLCup   Cue Club B v Bournville Soc Ctr B     314v185 
8Thu  S&DSLCup   J Kirby/M Adams v M Braker/L Smith     1v2 

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