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Your email address is never shown in full on MyDivision, the word email is used which provides a link to our Contact via email page.

To change your email address
  1. Must be logged in
  2. Click on Control Panel
  3. Click on My Profile
  4. Alter the old email address to the new one
  5. Click the Save changes button
It is important that you enter a valid email address. Emails sent to you via MyDivision will be sent to this address.

Important: This only changes your accounts profile email, if you are a club/team contact you will also need to notify your Club Admin of the change, they can then update your club records.

If you can not login to change your email address please read the FAQ How do I retrieve my Password / Username (above)
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How do I know if my league allows player participation?

Where do I go to see my stats?

More FAQ's to be added soon!

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