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SWAS Winter League
SWAS Winter League - Rules
Set: 11-08-2017

The League is affiliated to the Warwickshire LTA. All Clubs in the League must be affiliated to their respective County and to the Lawn Tennis Association.

Each Team must consist of two (2) pairs. All players must be fully paid up members of the Club that they are representing.

Rubbers Now Champion Tie-break
* 3   Amended August 2016
The order of play is 1 v 1 and 2 v 2, followed by 1 v 2 and 2 v 1. Each Match is worth four points, one point is awarded for each rubber won. Wimbledon tie-break system shall be used at six games all in the first two sets. If scores are one set apiece, instead of playing a third set, a “Championship” tie-break scoring system shall be played to decide the rubber. In this “Championship” tie-break the first team to reach a minimum of ten points by a two clear point margin shall be the winner of that rubber.

In the event that any match is postponed due to bad weather (the only reason for postponement), it must be played within a maximum of three weeks of the scheduled date. Other than in exceptional circumstances, and then only with the agreement of the Divisional Organiser, all matches must be completed by the Sunday before the end of season presentations. Even with this exemption, ALL matches must be completed by the day before the knockout finals. Failure to do this will result in the match being void with no points awarded.

Pairs are awarded one point for each rubber won.

Points awarded
The full four points will be awarded to the team that fields their two pairs for a scheduled match and wins all rubbers.

If opponents do not field either one or two pairs for the scheduled match then points will be awarded and deducted as follows in Rules 8 & 9:

Walk over points
Two walk-over points automatically awarded should one pair from the opposing team not turn up and four walk-over points should both pairs not turn up.

Example of penalties
The penalty being for the opposing team that fails to field one or two pairs on the scheduled match date then one and two points are deducted respectively off their scores.
  • e.g. Team A provides 2 pairs, Team B provides no pairs – Team A = 4 points, Team B = minus 2 points.
  • e.g. Team A provides 2 pairs, Team B provides 1 pair - Team A wins 2 rubbers Team B wins 0 rubbers - Team A = 4 points, Team B = minus 1 point.
  • e.g. Team A provides 2 pairs, Team B provides 1 pair - Team A wins 1 rubber Team B wins 1 rubber - Team A = 3 points, Team B = 0 points.
  • e.g. Team A provides 2 pairs, Team B provides 1 pair - Team A wins no rubber Team B wins 2 rubbers - Team A = 2 points, Team B = 1 point.
  • e.g. Team A provides 1 pair, Team B provides 1 pair - Team A wins 1 rubber Team B wins 0 rubber - Team A = 0 point, Team B = minus one point.

  • Play days Sunday Morning
    Matches must be played on Sundays and started at 10am. The only reason for re-arranging a fixture is bad weather and Easter but the home captain must advise the Divisional Organiser immediately. Matches postponed due to bad weather may be rearranged at any time within the timescale detailed in Rule 4.

    Change of match date
    * 11   Amended August 2017
    Change of a match date may be made, in exceptional circumstance, subject to the agreement of the divisional organiser, for example a club not being able to play home/ away match on specific Sunday morning due to Club Championship.

    Player eligibility
    Players may only play for one Club in any one season. In the case of the clubs who have more than one team in the leagues, the following rule will apply: a player may only play twice for a higher designated team; if he plays "up" more than twice he becomes tied to the higher team.

    Player eligibility lower teams
    * 13   Amended August 2016
    Note: The Committee have decided against introducing 'named core players, as: a) we haven't noticed any obvious abuse of the rule and b) Rule 12 was changed a couple of seasons ago by extending the "two up and you're tied rule to the full season", rather than re-setting it at mid-season, which is different from the current Summer League rule.

    Clubs with 2 teams in same division
    If more than one team from any one club is in the same division, the matches between them will be played first in each half of the season.

    Completion of first half season matches
    All matches designated for the first half of the season must be completed before the return fixtures in the second half of the season commence.

    Confirm fixture and tennis balls
    * 16   Amended August 2016
    The home captain prior to the date of the fixture must confirm home matches and must provide four (4) top grade new International Tennis Federation approved tennis balls (per court). For Warwickshire clubs BABOLAT ball must be used per WLTA agreement.

    Where equal points Final positions based on OVERALL results Mydivision is based on Overall Total sets won
    If at the end of the season teams have the same number of points, the position in the league table shall be determined by sets difference, if still level by games difference, and if still level by games percentage.

    Result cards
    * 18   Amended August 2016
    Both captains must sign the result card which is to be retained by the HOME captain (also AWAY team if copy taken) until the end of the season in case of any disputes. The HOME team will be responsible for entering the result onto "MyDivision" or advising the Divisional Organiser. The AWAY captain should then "confirm" the result on MyDivision, highlighting any disputes/ alterations.

    Late reporting of results
    * 19   Amended August 2016
    One penalty point will be deducted if the result is not entered by the Home team on the "MyDivision" website within four (4) days of the match being played. One penalty point will be deducted from the Away team if the result is not confirmed four (4) days after the home team has entered the result.

    Players name must be legible on scorecard Also entered to MyDivision
    * 20   Amended August 2016
    FULL names of all the players taking part must be clearly visible on the result card AND entered onto the "Mydivision" website

    League Fees
    * 21   Amended August 2016
    Each team must send the £20.00 fee by BACS transfer to the League Treasurer before the specified date advised. Teams who have not paid by this date will be excluded from playing in the forthcoming Winter League season.

    Promotion / Relegation
    Whilst the top two teams in Divisions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are promoted at the end of the season, the two bottom teams in Divisions 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 are relegated.

    Failure to fulfil fixtures
    Failure for any team not to provide two pairs for more than 3 fixtures during the entire season will be removed from the fixtures and all points awarded to them and their opponents will be nullified.

    The divisional organiser will be the arbiter of any such situation and his decision will be final.

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