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Northampton Ladies Veterans Winter League
15 Fixtures
Last Updated: 17-10-2017Division
Show All Northampton B Matches1Northampton B31201410117102114
Show All Crick & West Haddon A Matches2Crick & West Haddon A21011158267111
Show All Rushmere B Matches3Rushmere B21101067860110
Show All County C Matches4County C31029158811619
Show All Nether Heyford A Matches5Nether Heyford A101044363704
Show All Duston United A Matches6Duston United A100108315000
Crick & West Haddon A matches are to be played at West Haddon courts

Division 2 Players Table [?]
Division 2 Fixtures
DateMatch SetsGames
0104.09.17 - Mon Northampton B - County C6v244v28
0218.09.17 - Mon N Duston United A - Nether Heyford A
0325.09.17 - Mon County C - Crick & West Haddon A5v336v32
0405.10.17 - Thu Nether Heyford A - Northampton B4v436v37
0505.10.17 - Thu N Rushmere B - County C6v240v24
0610.10.17 - Tue N Crick & West Haddon A - Duston United A8v050v31
0712.10.17 - Thu N Northampton B - Rushmere B4v436v38
0813.10.17 - Fri AC Rushmere B - Duston United A5v339v26
0916.10.17 - Mon AC a Crick & West Haddon A - Nether Heyford A1v725v47
1026.10.17 - Thu Nether Heyford A - County C
1130.10.17 - Mon Northampton B - Crick & West Haddon A
1209.11.17 - Thu Nether Heyford A - Rushmere B
1310.11.17 - Fri County C - Duston United A
1423.11.17 - Thu Rushmere B - Crick & West Haddon A
1527.11.17 - Mon Duston United A - Northampton B
Start times 19.00 unless otherwise stated
AC = Awaiting Confirmation from team in red
a = Away player missing
N = Match Note
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Division 2 visits: 592
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2 results
Awaiting Confirmation

If AC scores are confirmed
Rushmere B315
Northampton B314
Crick & West H312
Nether Heyford A211
County C39
Duston United 23

Divisional Secretary
Lisa Hodges-Cox

Team Contacts

County C
Ruth Noble

Crick & West Haddon A
Kim Hemmings

Duston United A
Liz Moore

Nether Heyford A
Linda Miller

Northampton B
Sheela Gatrad

Rushmere B
Sally Savage