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Stirchley & District Snooker League
Team Contacts
1OBirmingham DeafDiv4Lee Finbow
2OBournbrook Social ADiv2Steve Munn
3OBournbrook Social BDiv4Steve Munn
4OBournville Social ADiv1Ade Britton
5OBournville Social Centre ADiv4Tod Davies
6OBournville Social Centre BDiv4Dave Thomas
7OCadbury MensDiv1Paul Finch
8OCotteridge Soc BDiv3Mark Scandrett
9OCotteridge Social ADiv1Adam King
10OCue Club ADiv4Steven Hart
11OCue Club BDiv4Jamiel Hussain
12OE 57 ADiv3Tom Helm
13OE 57 BDiv4Mick Foyle
14OE 57 DDiv3Jodey Byrne
15OGreenlands SocialDiv3Paul Irving
16OHall Green HGDiv4Colin Mason
17OHawthorns SocialDiv2Pete Busby
18OHGC ClubDiv1Costa Christou
19OHollywood GCDiv1Roy Sturdy
20OKings Heath CC ADiv3Adrian Curran
21OKings Heath CC BDiv2Mick Fallon
22OKings Heath Corks ADiv1John Kerr
23OKings Heath Corks BDiv1Dave Earp
24OKings Heath Corks CDiv2Andy Hemsley
25OKings Heath Corks DDiv3Keith Walley
26OKings Norton BC ADiv1John Reid
27OKings Norton BC BDiv1Alan Pickerill
28OKings Norton XS ADiv1Bob Beet
29OKings Norton XS BDiv3Paul Male
30OLadywood SocialDiv3Chris White
31OLongbridge Social ADiv1Russell Hodgetts
32OLongbridge Social BDiv2Paul Graham
33ONorthfield Cons ADiv4Jason Jones
34ONorthfield Cons BDiv3John Rawle
35OQuarry S&SDiv3Jord Molloy
36OQuinton BL ADiv2David Hadley
37OQuinton BL BDiv4Dave Hadley
38ORednal SocialDiv4John Barson
39ORubery SocDiv2Mat Harrison
40OStirchley United WMC BDiv4Anthony Dodd
41OTriplex Sports ADiv2Andy Niblett
42OTriplex Sports BDiv2Gareth Norris
43OWeoley Castle WMC ADiv2Chris Hunt
44OWeoley Castle WMC BDiv1Ian West
45OYardley Wood Social ADiv2James Wenlock
46OYardley Wood Social BDiv3John Burns

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48 Teams - 2 currently without a team contact
1OBournville Social BDiv3
2OStirchley United WMC ADiv2

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