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East Northants Tennis League
East Northants Tennis League - Rules
Set: 25-06-2017

Each Team consists of Two pairs with each pair playing two sets against both opposing couples. If in any set the score reaches six games all, a tie-break will be played.

One point is awarded per set won, so eight points are awarded at the end of each match. If, because of bad light or inclement weather, a match is not played to a finish, the result shall stand provided at least four sets are completed. Any unfinished sets or unplayed rubbers have will be halved. Where rain, bad light or court condition is the major factor, the decision to cease play rests with the home captain. In matches played under floodlights, or indoors, the home captain must inform the visiting captain of the proposed finishing deadline before play commences and this stated time must be adhered to, or the match may have to be replayed at the discretion of the League Match Secretary.

Play should normally commence at 6.30 p.m. in evening matches, but if a couple is not on court by 6.45 p.m., the defaulting team concedes one set. If a couple has not arrived by 7.00 p.m. the first rubber is conceded: this to be at the discretion of the captain of the non-offending team. This Rule should not be used to reverse the result of a rubber already played.

When a Club enters two or more sides in the same section (Men’s, Ladies’, Mixed) of the League, any player can play twice for a team. Any player that plays three times for a team, can not then play for a lower team.

Where Clubs have more than one team in any division, the match or matches between such teams must be played before any other fixtures. If an inter-club match is rained off and cannot be rearranged before other fixtures begin, it must be played by the 31st May. If not played by that date, no points will be awarded to either team.

From 14 days after the fixtures meeting, no alterations or amendments to the fixture dates will be allowed except where weather interferes or match dates are brought forward by mutual consent. Teams failing to fulfil a fixture will receive no points, with a further four points penalty deducted from their overall total.

A player is allowed to play for different clubs in different sections of the League, providing they are bona fide (fully paid-up) members of the clubs concerned. However no player will be permitted to play for two clubs in one section during any one season.

The Home Team is responsible for inputting their results onto “MyDivision” website, the away team confirms the score.

In the event of any dispute regarding the outcome of a match or failure to play a match, the League Officials have the authority to decide the result after consultation with both captains. This decision is final.

Proposed amendments to League Rules must be submitted in writing to the League Secretary by the end of the January prior to the AGM.

Affiliation fees to the League shall be decided at the A.G.M.

No Mobile Phones should be left switched on during the playing of a match. If one rings during play, the player’s team should forfeit the game they are playing at the time.

Officials of teams withdrawing from the League after the fixtures have been determined, must notify the League Match Secretary and the team contact of all intended opponents. There will also be a fine of £5 for any team withdrawn.

Although promotion and relegation would normally be on a two-up and two-down basis, the A.G.M. will be empowered to determine the composition of the divisions for the following season

In a match originally rained off, it is the responsibility of the home team, within two weeks of the date of the cancelled fixture, to offer three alternative dates, in consultation with the away team, upon which the away team has no fixture in the same division of the league, for the match to be played. The away team may then choose upon which of those dates the match is to be played and notify the home team and the League Match Secretary accordingly, within two weeks of the date of the cancelled fixture, but before the rearranged fixture date. If either team fails to adhere to this rule, the match will be awarded to the other team. Only when a rearranged match is also rained off, and no suitable alternative dates to play the fixture are available, will points be awarded or withheld at the discretion of the League Committee.

Final League positions will be decided by the number of points won. Where teams finish level on points, positions will be determined by the following criteria order: 1)Matches won 2)Matches drawn 3)Sets difference 4)Games difference 5)Result of match or matches between sides concerned

If any team fields an ineligible player, then any points gained by that player will not be added to the team’s overall score.

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